About us

SciencePark is an award-winning Japanese software company specializing in the development and sales of device drivers and data security products and technologies. Established in 1994, SciencePark has sold over 1.7 million licenses and received over 48 patents.

The company conducts research in partnership with leading educational institutions such as Keio University. It develops OEM software in partnership with over a dozen major Japanese corporations including NEC, Mitsubishi Electric and Canon for use by government agencies, financial institutions and manufacturers. It also customizes device drivers for over 50 major Japanese companies including Sony, Panasonic, Casio, Hitachi, Ricoh, Renesas and Nikon.

The Driverware driver-level security module is used by companies worldwide including AP Communications Co., Ltd. and TCSI, Inc. Other products and technologies developed and sold by SciencePark include file access technologies, device drivers, security software, encryption and decryption solutions (limited life, authority control, etc.), IT forensic solutions (files, networks, keys, desktops), cloud storage services and security for control systems (FA, building management, vehicles, etc.).

SciencePark is gradually building partnerships with companies around the world and is always interested in forming new alliances, especially in the US market, to solve difficult challenges through OS peripheral technology.

Other products offered by SciencePark

  • NonCopy

    Encrypts and protects individual files on a file server.

  • 4thEye

    Protects files on a PC against malicious attacks via USB memory, DVD, mobile device, file server, etc.

  • Monitoring network connection

    Installs Driverware in guest OSs on Xen Desktop, detects logon events from remote desktop software and monitors specified network connections (IP addresses, ports).

  • Encrypted Cloud Storage

    Installs Driverware in guest OSs on VMware to encrypt personal files and redirect them to a network share folder.